Uncoordinated CRM Campaigns Cost Money and Fetch Poor Results

 31st July 2019


Lack of communication between sales and marketing teams is the most common source of conflict for 2 out of 5 marketing professionals. Efficiency is observed to drop steeply when sales and marketing teams do not share key data related to performance, campaigns and customers. A coordinated effort is the key to improving sales performance and success of marketing campaigns. As customer happiness is associated with positive performance of KPIs related to these two teams, communication between the two teams are absolutely necessary.


Without coordination between sales and marketing teams, you stand to:

  1. Spend more on parallel campaigns without seeing results
  2. Relevancy of sales message suffers, while marketing campaigns may be perceived as “out of touch” by customers
  3. Redundancy of customer communication eventually results, and customer satisfaction scores drop down

What you should really do:

  • Begin with sharing CRM data between sales and marketing teams
  • Integrate sales and marketing performance tracking by increasing inter-team collaboration
  • Share the responsibility of KPI performance among both the teams
  • Sales and marketing campaigns should be planned together, and should be in sync with each other Performance auditing should be collaborative and consistent with shared goals

When businesses implement CRM, they often do not realize the confusion that results when customer data is repeatedly entreated into the system by different teams. Though one of the primary goals of CRM is to hold all customer-related data on a single software program, exactly the opposite happens. If data is closed and is not accessible to different teams, it may result in redundancy and even duplicity. It is important to have a unified customer database for both the sales and marketing teams. Any changes made to this database should be visible to both the teams.

You cannot expect data to be consistent if:

  • You do not allow marketing teams to access sales data and vice versa
  • Campaign performance data needs to be coordinated
  • Communication between teams is poor, and healthy inter-team dynamics is not stressed
  • You give room to the infamous sales and marketing rivalry
  • Deskera CRM Campaigns will be able coordinate with teams and take responsibility of KPI performance among both the teams

Make sure to:

  • Treat customer data as a single database
  • Allow everyone in sales and marketing teams to view changes made to the database
  • Run analytics and report generation tools with both sales and marketing data in mind
  • Share predictions with both the teams if you have prediction tools installed

Your customers are important to your business. In fact, no matter what your industry is, no matter what your focus, no matter what kind of products or services you offer, your customers are the single most valuable asset of your organization; Customers give your company a sense of purpose and direction. They provide invaluable feedback, and serve as a springboard for new concepts and ideas. And let’s not forget about the revenue they bring in. When all is said and done, customer satisfaction should be the number-one focus of any business. This means more than simply appreciating your customers; it means understanding them. (more…)